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What is NLP?

NLP stands for Neuro-Linguistic Programming. You can think of NLP as an owner’s manual for the human brain. It’s the analysis of how we think, feel and act; marked by an intense curiosity about how human beings get the results they do. It is a set of models and principles used to describe the relationship between mind, language (verbal and non -verbal), and perception.

It is based on the idea that with our physical senses we are only able to perceive a small part of the world.

How NLP helps you?

NLP can be used for a wide range of personal, business and sporting challenges. It can help with issues from changing negative self-limiting beliefs, to dealing with fears, phobias and unresolved grief. It is as powerful and effective when used for self-discovery as it is for business negotiations

NLP is the abbreviation of Neuro Linguistic Programming or what some call New Life Programming. NLP is a set of techniques or tools for enhancing personal and professional development and facilitating positive changes.

NLP in Dubai has become very famous and many institutes and wellness centers offer the full training.

NLP techniques can interrupt old unwanted programming in your mind and install new choices so that your new behaviors become automatic. Lifelong habits, fears and phobias can be eliminated.

Anyone can use NLP techniques to make life more rewarding. To feel more motivated, to find a strategy and plan to concur your fears, to create your future and accomplish your goals.

NLP techniques are easy to understand and easy to use and helps you see life differently and in turn experience life differently

One of the wonderful things about NLP is that even highly emotional issues can most often be resolved without dredging up or reliving painful experiences from the past.

NLP offers powerful tools for effective communication; within yourself, and with others. Most of us naturally assume everyone else is operating just like us. By recognizing that other people have different values and brain patterns, you can learn how to communicate beyond the conscious filters of an individual, in the way they need to get the information, instead of the way you would want to receive information.

Me as an NLP practitioner will enhance your sessions by teaching you tools and techniques which you can use in your daily life and which will infuse your communication with self and others with ease and understanding.

I will teach you the techniques you need to overcome your specific fears and heal necessary emotions of grief, guilt and self criticism on your own.

The purpose of this is for you to be able to continue your healing and growth on your own with your own pace and time until you have trained your mind to be positive, open to joy, peace and happiness. Growing your own positive seeds in your mind to have a fulfilled and prosperous future.

In the movie below you can see the NLP Mind Model explained by the one who introduced NLP and Hypnotherapy in Middle East, my teacher and metor, Beryl Comar

The requirements for a client to have a successful journey is:

The Desire to heal, Determination and Complete Commitment. It’s simple but necessary.

Some of the benefits of NLP are :

  • Mastering your subconscious mind to learn how to control your own emotions and blast through the limitations that are holding you back from achieving your goals

  • Develop self esteem, self love and confidence

  • Enhance personal relationships

  • Healing of past experiences through your own mind

  • Having a better outlook in Life and your purpose of life

  • Creating a life that is richer, more content, more productive , efficient and more abundant

  • Discovering that everything you need to begin right now is already within you

  • Being able to control your future differently.

  • Being able to take action to achieve your goal

  • Evaluating the changes produced by your actions


The benefits mentioned above are based on each individual’s experience and results may vary