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We are so excited to announce our first upcoming New Moon Virtual Retreat on the 3rd and 4th of July!

Are you willing to explore your inner power and guidance during the upcoming Full Moon?

Powerful rituals, scientific neurolinguistic and self-awareness journeys, yoga, meditations, affirmation and so much more awaits you!

We have sat down, reflected and prepared for you ” Reconnect to your inner power and guidance ” Full Moon Retreat.

Tatiana Parsons will guide you through restoring yoga, mindfulness and meditation practices, Cristina Balhui will show you the secrets of your mind, take you on a journey to self-discovery through re-framing and affirmation exercises and techniques and myself will teach you how to have a strong power core ( some fitness required 🙂 and how to set and use a new neurolanguage for instant results. Find our more below:

Reconnect with your Subconscious mind, Inner Peace and Sources of your Creativity!

Because we love you we have prepared a bonus resources for you: ❤❤❤

3 powerful post retreat bonus sessions from all 3 of us ( because we care about you ) on NLP, Yoga and Meditation and Mindfulness techniques for the retreaters.

A private Facebook group where you can connect and give feedback, post your questions and seek our help prior and post the retreat.

30 day post retreat challenge with our feedback and presence and give away-s for the most committed one!

The Retreat will take place on Friday and Saturday, the 3rd and 4th of July between 10 am -12 noon and 4 pm-6 pm, Gulf Standard Time.

Please secure your private space, prepare your yoga mat and water bottle, choose an ambiance to feel relaxed and settled.

Ladies Only. Suitable for all levels.

All from the comfort of your home

The best part is you don’t need to go anywhere but do it all from the comfort of your home as a virtual life online sessions during the upcoming Full moon weekend and manifest your goals for the what’s ahead!

This Retreat is baked with so much passion and appreciation for all of you and we look so much forward to have you on board ❤❤❤

Are you joining us?

After you confirm your participation through the payment link below we will be sending you a lifestyle questionnaire, adding you to a closed Facebook with additional resources and provide you with additional information on how to prepare for the retreat to get the maximum out of it!

Save your place ( limited places only due to the personal approach we want to keep for you! ) and order now for only

 Secure your Spot now



Tania Parsons

Consulting hypnotist, Emotional Intelligence and NLP coach, yoga and Pilates teacher



Tatiana is a hypnotherapist and NLP coach based in Dubai , her training is fully endorsed by UK and American certification and also includes EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques ) and Emotional Intelligence coaching . She teaches Yoga and Pilates in premier fitness studious and clubs in Dubai having many years of training and leading her classes in Moscow, Dubai and Mysore.

Tatiana also practices Reiki.

She brings a unique and integrated approach to every client.

Tatiana is passionate about helping people to become who they want to be: to achieve, through one or all of these disciplines, their physical, mental and emotional goals.

Tatiana’s expertise allows her clients successfully eliminate fears and phobias, stress , anxiety, depression and sleeping disorders,  quit smoking , stop other addictions, unwanted behaviors, manage their weight, better handle relationships, release traumas, achieve fitness and academical goals, improve focus, concentration and performance, get more in control of their lives ..

She helps people to find their own Inner strength and their unique Guidance when they feel stuck, to self discover and re-align towards their passions and callings..

She believes in power of Love and promotes 3 H : Harmony, Health and Happiness, a balanced state of Mind , Body and Soul ..

Deviations of this state create physical diseases or mental issues. By aligning your Mind, Body and energy levels people are able to cure and help themselves ..

Originally from Moscow , Russia Tatiana and her husband Chris from UK are happy parents of 3 boys and live in Dubai last 6 years ..

Find out more about Tania here:

Cristina Balhui

Emotional Intelligence Coach


Cristina has extensive experience and advanced training in the fields of Behavior Management, Emotional Intelligence, Stress Management and Self Confidence Building, Cristina is both US and UK certified Hypnotherapist, NLP Coach, Emotional Freedom Technique Practitioner, Sleep-Talk Consultant and Yoga teacher based in Dubai for five years.

She knows you can easily achieve amazing things when there is harmony and balance between your mind, body and spirit, Cristina helps people to rediscover and use their maximum potential to change those things that are stopping them. This includes but is not limited to negative habits and unhelpful thinking to do with Smoking Cessation, Weight Management, Eating Disorder, Habits, Stress Handling, Anxiety, Fears and Phobias, Panic Attacks, Grief, Broken Heart, Fertility and related problems.

Her clients say that Cristina is passionate about helping people to use resources they have hidden within their own minds so they feel more calm, more confident and more in control.

Cristina believes you have the power within you to create the life that you want to lead.

You can make your life as happy as you want it to be. Good health, loving relationships, self-confidence, career success, and fulfillment can be yours. All it takes is the choice to change and take that first step to call and make an appointment towards controlling your destiny.

Cristina treats everyone as the unique individual you are.

Cristina continues helping people from all walks of life on how to create the life they desire. And she loves it!

Find out more about Cristina here:

Vyara Tosheva your Vybewoman


My passion to help people made me pursue a certification in NLP and EFT master coach, Reiki practitioner and choose the best wellness retreat resort and wellness centers to work with. I enjoyed creating and managing holistic retreats in hotel environment where in- house and visiting master practitioners, energy workers and doctors combined their knowledge with fitness, spa and beauty professionals to deliver transformational retreats.

My passion is to create and organize online and on – property retreats with international and local retreat facilitators, teachers, coaches that leads to life transformative journeys.

My mission is to help and empower busy executive leaders to create or enhance their business model geared toward a wellness life style on both professional and personal levels.

You know you can find me on here:

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